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About Us

3Js Resorts was founded to fulfill a childhood dream of Aurelia.  This family business is named after our 3 daughters, Jacqueline, Jessica, and Jasmine, hence the name 3Js Resorts.  As a family business we are focused on the future of our resorts, to build something that we can pass on to our daughters.

We designed each of our resorts with some of the same basic features such as a straightforward design, a minimum number of stairs, easy to clean and safe.  We then added specific features for each resort based on the location and overall design.  We hope that you enjoy each resort as it was designed.

Our Goal

The goal of 3Js Resorts is to provide a clean, comfortable and relaxing resort where families and friends can have a wonderful time. 

Our staff

Each of our resorts has a dedicated caretaker that is there to assist you with any rental charges, the amenities, repairs, questions, cleaning, and even running off to the store to get some last-minute items.  We have selected our caretakers based on their customer satisfaction skills, knowledge of the resorts, and their overall ability to deliver our goal to you.

Our experience

3Js Resorts was started in 2004, where we rented out two resorts in Laguna Hills to get our business started.  We gained a lot of experience in what you, our customer wants, such as how to market our resort, what features customers want, how to optimize the clean up process between customers. 

We followed this up by doing a joint effort with a friend in the Lazaro Sub Division and we leased out one resort and did very well.  This was also paramount in us building our client base and we launched R3Js Resort I.

3Js Resort I was launched in March of 2016.   Our modern design with sloping roof provides shade in the pool from 2pm onwards. Our bedrooms are identified by the color of each door, and these doors really pop against all white walls and rooms.

3Js Resort II was launched in November of 2017 and has a lot of similarities with Resort I, the primary difference is the bright Yellow Water Slide with a waterfall dropping onto slide.

3Js Resort III was launched in March of 2019, unlike Resorts I and II that were designed and built by us, Resort III we remodeled and cleaned up for your enjoyment.

Our Store

Resort II has a built in Sari Sari store that is run by Aurelia and Jhen.  We try to stock usable items for our guest and other in the subdivision.  We have alcohol, soda, cigarettes, Chips, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, crackers, tuna fish, eggs and much more.  Stop by and buy something 😊

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